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Successful Spine surgery at We Care India partner hospital allows Henry Stolz to live a normal life despite a microendoscopic Decompression. We Care india helped Henry find best super specialised surgeon for his procedure.
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Ms. Anowara Ali
Spine Surgery
Country : Bangladesh

I was staring at the face of my son & the doctor, a nervous look on my son's face gave me the smell of another major operation. Within my 65 years of age, I've gone through 3 major operations. With a polished version, the doctor told me that a tumor found inside the spinal column which is significant in size and might be very harmful.

Later, I met significant nos. of doctors & almost all suggested a quick surgery. I could understand the tension evolved to my closest. For a better option for the surgery, my son and others went through lots of Medical Institutions. Through web site, my son-in-law got in touch with a medical Tourism company called "We Care Health Services" which provide necessary guidelines to patients to get appropriate treatment from Apollo Hospitals in India. After sending all necessary papers, they made a quick response. An option was given to us to make the treatment in Apollo Hospital, Chennai under Dr. Sajan Hegde. After a several two way communications, of course with tremendous support from Mr. Kaushik of We Care India, we made the decision to move for Chennai.We reached Chennai on 4th September. Necessary supports were given by International patient department of Apollo Hospital. In that evening we met one of the doctors of Dr. Sajan's department. Next day, I took admission in the hospital. After lots of investigations, a team of doctors, headed by Dr. Sajan & Dr. Siddharth, did the surgery on 8th September. I was in the ICU for two days and then shifted to my room. In the 4th day of surgery, they made me walk! With immense pain I could understand their different attitude of growing patient's confidence. We left the hospital on 18th September and reached safely in my home on 19th September.

I must appreciate the tremendous support of all doctors of Apollo, headed by Dr. Sajan, for their treatment. Besides, the dietician, nurses and all other staffs really made me so comfortable through their support that I would recommend this hospital to any person who needs medical care of any kinds.

Now, I'm gradually recovering. Any sort of support needed from doctors, I just pass on to Mr. Kaushik and to International patient department; which ensures quick feedback.

Thank God! I got a proper Medical Institute.

Anowara Ali, Bangladesh. Click here to contact her

Patient Name: Mr. Jeff Clarke
Country : Canada
Speciality : Spine Surgery
Where do you begin when describing a miracle? I never could have expected such quality of service and medical expertise as which was found at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai. You cannot find this level of comfort anywhere else in the world; Apollo is blessed with the best surgeons, physicians and nurses in the world. I cannot thank Apollo enough; Apollo has given me a second chance in life.

Patient Name: Ms. Suzzane Bashir
Country : Uganda
Speciality : Spine Surgery

Ms. Suzzane Bashir, Uganda Click here to contact her.

Contact Mr. Kaushik  for a reference Click here.

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