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Common Kyphoplasty Questions ?

What is it?

Kyphoplasty is a process in which the original angle and height of kyphosis of a fractured vertebra is corrected. After correcting the vertebra, it is stabilized by injecting cement mixture into the hollow area. Mechanical intravertebral expansion is used to restore the lost height and angle of the vertebra. A bone or vertebral fracture causes immense pain to the patient. This pain is relieved once the lost height of the compressed vertebra is restored. This can be easily achieved through Kyphoplasty.

What are the reasons for osteoporotic fracture?

In this type of situation, the vertebra of the human body collapses due to lack of strength of the bones. The collapse triggers the collapsing of the vertebra which is nearer to the one collapsed at first. A wedged vertebrae is the result of the collapse and the height will get shortened for the vertebrae. Severe and Chronic pain, reduced mobility and Limited function, lung capacity decrease, Difficulty sleeping etc. are some of the health problems which get affected with an osteoporotic fracture.

Who is a candidate for Kyphoplasty?

Patients who get affected with osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures are strong candidates for Kyphoplasty, provided they have a painful back. Functions and mobility of the patient will be severely affected with. Pain following severe arthritis and disk herniation cannot be treated with Kyphoplasty. Image tests can be handful in diagnosing a typical case of vertebral compression fractures. Spinal X-rays, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging scans and bone scans are some of the image tests used for clarification.

What sort of anesthesia is used for Kyphoplasty?

Local anesthesia or sometimes general anesthesia can be used for Kyphoplasty. The procedure is minimal invasive and hence the pain will be least. The type of anesthesia will depend upon the doctor’s mentality, the patience safety, severe ness of the defect etc. The patient can go home after the surgery as there will not be any stitching on the wounds.
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What is the procedure?

In the procedure of Kyphoplasty, a small incision is made and a narrow tube is inserted so that a pathway is formed to the crushed vertebrae. Through this tube a special inflatable balloon is passed on to the crushed space of the vertebrae. Then it is slowly inflated which makes the crushed pieces of the bone to return to normal position. After obtaining the normal height and angle, cement mixture is inserted into the cavity. The mixture is filled only after taking out the balloon. The cements harden quickly and this makes the vertebra hard as it was early.

Is Kyphoplasty painful and what is the effectiveness?

The needle that is inserted into the body is known as trocar and one will feel soar in the area where the trocar was inserted. This will get alright within 3 days. Icepacks can be used if the soaring is severe. Pain relief and mobility is achieved with in 48 hours after Kyphoplasty. Some patients even feel relief in pain immediately after Kyphoplasty. 95% of the patients have a positive remark about this procedure and many of them could get back into normal proceedings that they were doing before the cracking.

Is there any risk with Kyphoplasty?

Spinal cord injury, Nerve damage, spinal cord compression, Allergic reaction etc. some of the risk factors with Kyphoplasty even though their chances of occurrence are very rare. Malpositioned instruments are to be blamed for some of these risks.
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