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Successful Spine surgery at We Care India partner hospital allows Henry Stolz to live a normal life despite a microendoscopic Decompression. We Care india helped Henry find best super specialised surgeon for his procedure.
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We Care Core Values
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We Care Core Values
We have a very simple business model that keeps you at the centre

Quality hospital, experience of doctor performing similar surgery and superb personal care is the base of our company. We carefully screen the hospitals before empanelling, routinely check, maintain a personal and first name relationship with major doctors and negotiate prices for you. We work with JCI / JCAHO / ISO accredited hospitals and USA / UK / internationally trained doctors.

Cost Control
Being veterans in the medical field we not only offer you 60-85% savings on surgical/medical procedures than prevailing USA / UK rates, we even renegotiate with the hospitals to provide competitive quotes.

Immediate, Private and Confidential
Providing immediate healthcare according to your schedule is our key service. Once you submit your medical records, We Care primarily assess and directly makes it accessible to the surgeon / doctor of choice. A personal conversation is made with the doctor who gives his opinion and suggested line of treatment and hence we are able to give you a medical quote within two working days. No sooner you decide for the surgery, we book the hospital and all services with your schedule.

We Care Services
Having the industry’s most elaborate and exclusive Patient Care & Clinical Coordination teams stationed at each partner hospital, you get the smoothest and seamless care ever imagined. With a ratio of one Patient Care Manager to five patients our patient care standards are unmatched across the sub continent. Meet the We Care Team
Pankaj Nagpal: Founder and CEO

Pankaj Nagpal is the founder of We Care Health Services. His background in hospitality, customer service and patient services in hospital environment has helped him build We Care Health Services in worlds most preferred medical tourism company based in India.

Pankaj Nagpal is a passionate hospitality professional who has re written the principles of customer service in the hospital industry in India. After working with India’s leading hotel chain, the Oberoi’s he later joined Mumbai’s foremost hospital, P.D.Hinduja National Hospital to head the hospitality and customer service departments. It was his experience at the hospital of meeting numerous patients daily and solving their queries on one side and revamping the departments on the other side that the seed of a professional patient services company made him quit the job and start his dream project “ We Care Health Services”.

We Care Health Services was born on the 16th February, 2006 with a vision of revolutionising patient care and facilitation services in India. With more than 300 patients serviced in a span of a little more than 2 years and having industries most enviable patient facilitation services executives spread across India, We Care Health Services is poised for the bigger growth.

Kaushik Shukla –Head Medical Tourism Division
Kaushik is a veteran in the medical industry in India. He has over 25 years of experience in medical equipments industry in India. Kaushik is a serial entrepreneur, during his experience in working with number of medical equipments companies in India, he has sold practically every equipment to eminent doctors in India. He headed the team of Medtronis, the world famous medical equipment company, in the west region of India at one point of time. His insight into the current medical practices, passion for patient services and relationship with most of the eminent doctors in India are greatly valued at We Care.

Dr. Sarita Kumawat – International Patient coordinator
Dr. Sarita is professional doctor and works as the patient coordinator. Her experience includes heading customer services in a renowned skin institute in Mumbai. Her passions include medical writing.

Ms. Varsha – International Patient Coordinator

Varsha is clinical pathologist by education and has rich experience in various labs of repute in India. Her passion includes internet networking and enhanced patient communication.

Mr. Jagdish

Jagdish is a post graduate in Arts from Mumbai University. His profile includes patient response and communication monitoring on a daily basis. His hobbies are education and swimming.

Mr. Mukarram – Patient Services Executive

Mukarram is a qualified male nurse and has rich experience in hospitals in Hyderabad. He facilitates international patients in Hyderabad. From Airport Pick up, patients’ consultation and treatment in hospitals to shopping is facilitated by him. His hobbies are reading Arabic literature and cricket. Eminent Spine Surgeons
We Care Health Services is proud and privileged to have a on board a panel of Eminent Spine Surgeons to help and answer the patients queries and requests. Seamless Follow up
We Care Health Services keep a regular track of the patient’s health after returning home. Our Patient Coordinators will ensure that your Doctor or Hospital Consultant has a full record of the discharge notes including details of the surgical procedure undertaken, X-rays, MRI scans etc. from the Indian hospital to ensure the follow up care and any physiotherapy is swiftly integrated. World Wide Patients
We Care Health Services has serviced treatment in India for more than 300 patients from all over the world including Africa, Middle East, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka UK, USA, Canada and Australia till 2007.
We have serviced more than 65 spine / back surgery cases are from those suffering from chronic back ache requiring procedures such as Spinal fusion, Discectomy, artificial Disc Replacement surgery, Laminectomy, Laser Spine Surgery and Ozono plasty etc. Insured Patients
We continuously partner with Insurance companies for facilitating their patients in India on a complimentary basis. If you are insured and would wish to proceed for your treatment / surgery in India, you would need to confirm that to the Insurance Company and mark a copy to us with the details of the communicating officer. We will get in touch with the insurance company and arrange your surgery in India. We will supervise the financial transaction that would take place directly between the insurance company and our partner hospital, thereby ensuring smooth and hassle free procedure and your facilitation by We Care in India on a complimentary basis. Uninsured Patients
We Care Health Services has partnered with a number of government and corporate organisations in many countries to provide seamless care for their employees and relatives of the employees for any major treatment / surgery in India. They choose our services as opposed to heavy insurance policies and provide it to their patient, many times clubbed with free tours in India. Insurance in many parts of the world including USA and Canada have become so exorbitant that many have chosen against them. Owing to the highly qualified doctors in India and returning back of doctors of Indian origin who were till recently working for world’s leading health institutions abroad, the spurt of internationally accredited hospitals and ‘unbelievable but true’ low cost, India today offers the most advanced treatments and surgeries and has become world’s favourite country for outsourcing health. We Care Health Services, world’s most leading medical tourism company located in India, ensures that the right super specialist is chosen for your treatment and it takes place as immediately as required with seamless care.


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